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Rhinoplasty or nasal shaping surgery has undergone a dramatic change over the past several years. Now more than ever people in Northern California are increasingly interested in having nasal shaping procedures that appear more natural. It used to be that people would want a nose that was shaped in a very operated upon or Rhinoplasty nose shape. Rhinoplasty is more commonly a procedure that provides balance and harmony to the face. Rhinoplasty is more commonly requested by patients whom whish to have their nasal profile refined and the tip of the nose made prettier not different. In Sacramento, Rhinoplasty also involves creating a more functional nose, one that allows the patient to breath. (For pictures visit Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery by Dr Charles Perry) The nose helps warm and humidify the air and allows one to smell and augments the taste of certain foods. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we believe that one should live a beautiful life. Enhance your beauty today. Our patient care coordinators are available to answer your questions specifically.

While many patients are good candidates for a surgical procedure that lasts about three hours, Rhinoplasty may not be necessary in all situations. In fact some patients have found filler injections to work well for nasal dorsum volume additions and for small radix and columellar base augmentations. Similar to lip enhancement with Restylane, nasal dorsal augmentation can be performed with Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus. Silicone, Gortex as well as bone or cartilage are still being used to surgically enhance the dorsal profile of the nose by many plastic surgeons as alternatives as well. It is truly an exciting time to be considering Rhinoplasty.