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In Sacramento California breast reduction surgery has become more commonly an outpatient procedure with most patients choosing to recover in their own home following their procedure. Breast reduction surgery is often requested by women whom suffer from large breasts and their associated symptoms of skin rashes, back aches, head aches, embarrassment, shoulder grooves, poor posture, difficulty finding clothes, and neck strain. Breast reduction surgery used to require a few days stay in the hospital to recover. Now more and more women are going home the same day as their surgery and are very happy about their experience.
However in some situations it may be beneficial to stay overnight especially when one combines the breast reduction surgery with another cosmetic plastic surgery procedure such as a tummy tuck, blepharoplasty, eyelift, facelift or arm lift. Most patients feel better recovering in the comfort of their own home. Some other changes in breast reduction surgery over the past twenty years include a decrease usage of drains and liposuction. Drains are no longer routinely used as studies have shown no benefit to their usage however they still may be required in specific circumstances. Liposuction is more commonly used to tailor the thoracic region adjacent to the breast to provide a smoother contour. In the past larger incision were required to tailor the thoracic region. In Sacramento we are seeing more and more women whom are tired of their pendulous large breast and want something that is easier to manage and less burdensome with regards to their clothes choices and bras. We are also seeing many women have a reduction in their frequency of headaches and back aches following the surgery and in general feeling more confident! Breast reduction has a high success rate and has helped many women across the United Sates and the Sacramento Valley. At Chrysalis Cosmetics, Dr Charles Perry commonly utilizes a superior pedicle vertical technique to minimize the incision length and allow for adjustments in the future. Breast reduction is commonly combined with tummy tucks and blepharoplasty.

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