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Incisionless otoplasty has become quite popular in Sacramento California to reduce the prominent ear. However, in certain situations a double incision otoplasty will provide a longer lasting result that can be more dramatic in that it can address all the issues surrounding the prominence of the ear. The two incision one on the front in the inner curve of the ear and one in the back on the outer curve of the ear are placed in locations to reduce their visibility and to optimize healing. The double incision otoplasty that Dr Perry at Chrysalis Cosmetics in Sacramento California uses allows for correction of all the subtle and obvious abnormalities and often allows for a more natural appearing result. Prominent ears are often the result of excess cartilage growth of the conchal cymba and cavum. Abnormalities of the triangular fossa and helical rim also exist as well. There may also be a component of antihelical rim widening as well. In some circumstances there may also be a widening of the concha-mastoid angle that can be corrected as well.
Plastic Surgery of the ear, ear pinning or (otoplasty) is often done for children before school age to avoid the endless ridicule that sometimes results from teasing. It is also done in adulthood for women and men whom would like to wear their hair up or shorter revealing their larger ears. Reducing prominent ears and creating a more normal appearance can enhance one’s overall appearance as well.
There are many exciting possibilities with ear size reduction and lobular correction as well as rejuvenation procedures available. Plastic Surgery of the ear is an exciting area of cosmetics. See your board certified plastic surgeon to explore the possibilities.

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