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With the advent of Botox most cosmetic surgeons have realized the importance that the relaxation of muscle around the brow has for the appearance. It softens those hard lines between the brows and relaxes the appearance. With over 3 million people utilizing Botox a year at intervals of three to four months – many people have decided to do something a little longer lasting. More patients are deciding to proceed with blepharoplasty or brow lift and at the same time have a small reduction of the muscles that create the elevens and furrow the brow. This with a skin, muscle and fat reduction of the upper lid provides a cleaner, natural younger look. While at the same time the muscles that cause frowning and furrowing can be slightly reduced in volume decreasing the frown and allowing the brow to elevate. This provides essentially a similar effect of Botox or Dysport injections without the need for as many trips to the office. This is commonly down with the brow lift and now days we are also doing this with our upper lid blepharoplasty as more and more people become aware of the subtle yet natural enhancement it provides. There are many new and exciting techniques today. Perhaps it is time to consider freshening up the eyes.

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