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what-is-a-tummy-tuck-drainA tummy tuck drain is a thin tube that is placed under the skin during the abdominoplasty procedure. Connected to the end of the tubing (which is on the outside of your body), is a small container, or bulb, that is meant to collect fluid. According to our plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Perry, drains – although not very appealing to many patients – are typically necessary to help facilitate the recovery process.

“Usually two drains are used,” says Dr. Perry. “They are slipped through the incision and are placed under the abdominal skin. Drains create a negative pressure and collapse the potential space created by moving the abdominal tissue over the abdominal muscles. They encourage healing, and decrease the collection of fluid between the abdominal fat and skin tissue and the abdominal muscle wall.”

Typically, drains will remain in place for one to two weeks following surgery, after which they are removed at the office. For patients who wish to avoid drains following tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Perry says that option can be a possibility with the use of progressive tension sutures. Progressive tension sutures are a type of quilting suture that close the space between the skin and muscle wall, decreasing the chances for fluid collection. According to Dr. Perry, progressive tension sutures can improve the healing of the incisions and also make the postoperative period a more comfortable process for the patient.

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