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September 7, 2010

Plastic Surgery Following Weight Loss in California

Posted by Dr. Perry in Plastic Surgery Following Massive Weight Loss

Plastic Surgery in Sacramento California has seen an increase in post weight loss surgery. This is sometimes referred to as MWL (Massive Weight Loss). Any weight loss over 100 pounds is usually considered to be massive however there is certainly variablity as to the amount that is lost and that…

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December 11, 2008

Spider Vein Treatment Sacramento Modesto

Posted by Dr. Perry in Video Transcripts

DR. CHARLES PERRY: Unwanted leg veins can often be removed using laser technology. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we have a specific laser that we use to ablate these veins in as simple as one office visit. We are excited to answer your questions in the consultation and we can perform the…

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Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery Sacramento

Posted by Dr. Perry in Video Transcripts

DR. CHARLES PERRY: After weight loss there’s often unwanted skin that’s left. Removing that unwanted skin in the areas that you desire is our goal. We can discuss different options and plans to achieve what it is that you want. Some areas concern people more and some areas are going…

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