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Plastic Surgery in Sacramento California has seen an increase in post weight loss surgery. This is sometimes referred to as MWL (Massive Weight Loss). Any weight loss over 100 pounds is usually considered to be massive however there is certainly variablity as to the amount that is lost and that is referred to as massive. Cosmetic plastic surgery following MWL or post bariatric (referring to surgical procedures that result in significant long term weight loss) procedures require a comprehensive plan. Plastic Surgeons across America have begun the process of developing specific techniques that allow transformations following MWL. Dr Charles Perry of Sacramento California utilizes three procedures to transform the body as a unit. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we recommend starting from the top down as these areas are most visible to others. Starting with rejuvenation of the neck, eyes and face is usually suggested as these areas of the body are less concealed by clothes and are seen by others the most. A brow lift opens up the eyes and removes the tired look often associated with MWL. Blepharoplasty removes the excessive skin around the eyes and brightens and enhances the appearance – often in a dramatic fashion. Brow lift and blepharoplasty combined with a facelift, which removes the excess skin hanging from the neck and restores volume to the cheeks, improves the overall facial balance and beauty while removing the constant reminder of having lost large amounts of weight.

After restoring facial elegance many desire removal of the apron of skin hanging from the body and arms. Brachioplasty combined with a breast enhancement (referred to as an upper body lift) releases the upper body from the constant reminder of MWL and certainly improves both the appearance and spirits for many. The breast and arms or chest and arms for men are often a source of embarrassment and serve as a constant reminder of previously being large. Once the excessive skin is removed the appearance improves the ability to wear more flattering clothes allows one to show off the new beautiful body that has completed a life changing transformation. An upper body lift combined with a lower body lift is often the most dramatic. The excessive skin often referred to as a pannus hanging from the abdomen and flanks as well as the thighs can be removed by pulling the thigh skin up and the abdominal skin down. This pushing of the abdominal skin down and the pulling of the lateral thigh skin in an upward direction greatly enhances the appearance of the thighs, hips and abdomen. Enhancing the appearance of the abdomen often allows one to feel healthier as well as fit into clothes easier and greatly improves the ease of self hygiene. It is amazing to see the excitement and joy people experience when the final reminder of weight loss is removed and their transformation becomes complete.

Other procedures that may improve the appearance following MWL include a medial thigh lift, buttock augmentation, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty (nose lift) and on occasion some liposuction. However liposuction is usually unnecessary as following MWL most have excess skin that just requires removal and adjustment to enhance the contour.

It is truly a rewarding time in ones life whom has completed MWL. It is a priviledge as a plastic surgeon to play a small role in this transformation. The dramatic changes associated with removal of the excess skin created from the weight loss have allowed many to complete their personal transformations and anew as a smaller person. At Chrysalis Cosmetics in Sacramento California we specialize in relationships that allow one to live a beautiful life. Dr Charles Perry and the Staff of Chrysalis Cosmetics are excited to assist you in completion of your individualized transformation.

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