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In the Sacramento,Rosville, Folsom, Stockton area many of us participate in outdoor activities and sports in general. The weather is nice and the land is plentiful. Occasionally trauma occurs and a nose gets twisted, a nose becomes crooked, or a hump develops following a collision that requires some nasal healing. For people with crooked noses there is something that can be done. A cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery called rhinoplasty can help. By straightening the nose and reducing the bump on the nose a straighter dorsum can be created and the nose will become a less prominent feature of the face. This often restores beauty and harmony the appearance. Straightening the nose through cosmetic surgery or rhinoplasty can also in some cases enhance the natural breathing as well.

Thankfully cosmetic rhinoplasty can be done without any visible incision through closed or endonasal rhinoplasty approach. Dr Charles Perry will often use a closed rhinoplasty approach when performing cosmetic rhinoplasties in his Sacramento location that serves the Folsom, Roseville, Stockton region. The hidden incisions and the concept of function and support help to provide balanced results that require less healing time in some cases. The closed endonasal approach requires less surgical manipulation of the nasal soft tissues and can provide the small changes necessary to correct nasal imbalance in most cases. Dr Charles Perry is a board certified Plastic Surgeon whom will also perform open rhinoplasties in certain circumstances if the situation requires more advanced tip work or for enhanced skin contracture. It is an exciting time to be considering rhinoplasty endonasal or open for twisted or crooked noses in Sacramento.