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Sacramento California. One of the most exciting developments this summer has been the release of a product that is designed to help plastic surgeons with nasal surgery or rhinoplasty. A resorbable polydioxanone plate (PDS – a synthetic bio-absorbable material) developed by Ethicon, Inc., recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which serves as a scaffold for cartilage reconstruction. This product has been available in Europe and much of what we have learned about the product comes from our European colleges. We are excited to have this product available to help you achieve your goals.

Rhinoplasty Plate

The PDS Plate For Rhinoplasty

The Flexible and absorbable PDS plate assists your rhinoplasty surgeon in achieving a straighter nose following trauma, nasal fracture. It has also been utilized to assist in strengthen the cartilage grafts sometimes required to make a pretty nasal tip or when removing large humps from the bridge of the nose. The septal or ear cartilage grafts utilized by your rhinoplasty surgeon when creating your new nasal contour can be secured or fixed to the plate allowing for greater strength – like a batten. This greater strength may allow for improved straightening in some cases. The plate has even been used as a replacement for the septal cartilage if the septum is unusable following nasal fractures. The ability of the plate to assist the nose heal predictably and then dissolve over time is a real advantage for nasal surgery. We are excited to have yet another tool to assist the plastic surgeon in achieving predictable and reliable results.