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When evaluating the nose for rhinoplasty Dr Charles Perry of Sacramento California will assess the tip of the nose in relation to the rest of the nose face in order to create harmony bring out the inner facial aesthetic beauty. Nasal tip surgery can be done through an open rhinoplasty approach which allows for more visualization and different approaches to optimize the look. The time it takes for the swelling to resolve is slightly longer than the closed or endonasal surgical option.

This is why Dr Perry and other Plastic Surgeons in the Sacramento area often utilize a closed approach to nasal tip surgery. The closed approach is often referred to as the endonasal rhinoplasty surgery and is performed at Chrysalis Cosmetics by Dr Perry. Healing usually takes between two weeks to three months and best results are seen at a year following surgery. Nasal tip surgery takes around two hours to perform and is done in a certified surgical suite.

Local numbing medication is instilled before the procedure and many patients do not require pain medication following the surgery. Patient are allowed to go home an hour following the procedure with a supportive caregiver. Recovering in the comfort of your own surroundings often makes the process much faster and easier.