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Rhinoplasty can help improve your facial balance and beauty uniquely. Plastic surgery of the face requires delicate and precise changes that are often subtle yet offer dramatic enhancement. Most often a primary rhinoplasty procedure results in a beautiful enhancement. Occasionally (<15% in most big studies) a secondary or additional plastic surgery of the nose is required to achieve the desired enhancement. The secondary or revision rhinoplasty procedure be required for a variety of reasons. Often it is due to the healing process or even a change in expectations. Once your nose has been operated on it can undergo some unpredictable changes in the healing process. Following rhinoplasty the nose swells hiding many of the subtle changes made during the rhinoplasty. This swelling can also lead to collagen deposition that is unpredictable and can alter the nasal shape slightly. During the healing process any trauma to the nose can dramatically alter the nose as well. Because of these and other causes revision rhinoplasty is often required to achieve the look and function you desire. Revision rhinoplasty is usually done through a closed approach using hidden incisions inside the nose. Through these internal tiny incisions the bump can be reduced more, the internal and external airways opened and contour irregularities of the sides improved. The revision or secondary rhinoplasty surgery is often much more difficult as the tissue of the nose have been altered. This makes their healing less predictable and somewhat more challenging to enhance. It is often best to have the revision operation done by the surgeon whom performed the primary surgery as they will know the nuances of the previous operation and also are familiar with your tissues ability to respond to changes.

Dr Charles Perry performs revision rhinoplasties in the fully accreditied surgical suite in the office. He prefers to wait a year following the original rhinoplasty before proceeding with a revision. This allows all of the tissue to heal and allows for the additional contraction and shrinking of the nasal skin to occur. Waiting the full year allows for other subtleties to appear and be revised as apposed to operating too early and having to revise the revision rhinoplasty. Dr Charles Perry is a double boarded in Plastic and General Surgery and has a special interest in rhinoplasty with regard to nasal form and function and feels that the nose plays a special role in facial balance and beauty. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we believe life should be beautiful. For more information regarding rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty visit www.sacramentoplastics.com.