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One of the exciting new ways of shaping the nose is through the use of fillers. Dr Charles Perry of Chrysalis Cosmetics located in Sacramento California is finding that Radiesse and Juvederm work very well in the nose to enhance and improve the contours. Following a rhinoplasty procedure there can be some minor contour irregularities that result from the natural healing process. These subtle irregularities are often diminished with the volume augmentation from filler (Juvederm or Radiesse) in as little as an hour consultation with an injection done right in office. For many this is a perfect way to enhance their appearance and feel better about a subtle irregularity. Rhinoplasty revision has never been easier. Certainly Radiesse or Juvederm are not right for everyone and using these products in the nose is not FDA approved at this time. In some cases some patients will choose to have an injection over having a rhinoplasty to see what it would look like to not have a bump or to have a more balanced nose. Make sure when you are having this procedure that you are seeing a surgeon whom specializes in rhinoplasty procedures and is comfortable with the fillers they are using. If you are in the Folsom, Roseville, Stockton or Woodland visit Chrysalis Cosmetics.