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Men often buy goods that are specifically designed with their needs and interests in mind, including grooming products, tools, and foods. Similarly, rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery, can be customized to suit the unique characteristics and preferences of men. A board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Charles Perry tailors every treatment plan based on the anatomic indicators and expressed goals of the patient. He also modifies his technique to achieve an aesthetic result that best flatters male facial features.

Cosmetic preferences between men and women often differ. Men typically like a nose with a straight bridge that’s appropriately broad and in proportion with their other facial features. Additionally, the nasal tip will not be elevated up, as some women prefer, but approximately set at a 90-95 degree angle from the upper lip. Men usually have thicker skin and firmer cartilage than women, and these differences need to be taken into consideration when developing a treatment plan.

Of course preferences vary from patient to patient, and Dr. Perry will listen carefully to the concerns and goals of the individual to provide exceptional care and a desirable result. The initial consultation is designed to be a place where you and Dr. Perry can collaborate on an outcome that best suits you.