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Closed rhinoplasty in Sacramento California is often used to reduce the bump on the bridge of nose. It can be done to make the tip and base of the nose more refined and improve the nasal aesthetics. Tiny incisions are made on the inside of the nose that allows the surgeon (Dr Charles Perry of Chrysalis Cosmetics) to remove excessive cartilage which improves the fullness and lifts the tip.

This reduction of fullness can help shape the nose. The internal nasal valve and external nasal valve can then be supported with additional cartilage and sutures to allow for improved airflow as well. The septum or midline supporting structure will also be straightened and shaped as well. It is truly amazing to see what can be done through such small little incisions. It is wonderful to see what a balanced nose will do to harmonize and beautify the face. Dr Perry will remove the nasal splints a week after surgery and most patients in the Sacramento Region go back to work after the cosmetic surgery in a week. Full healing does take a year following rhinoplasty or nasal surgery and revision rhinoplasties are not commonly performed until this time.