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In times like these we are now seeing many cosmetic surgery practices offering hugely discounted prices and free consultations as well as discount surgeries. Perhaps you are thinking about a cosmetic enhancement to improve your appearance. Perhaps you are thinking about a cosmetic enhance to improve the image that others see of you. Perhaps you want to reveal that inner beauty and vitality or tighten the skin a little. If you are you may wonder why some plastic surgeons charge and others don’t for their consultations.

Time is money for busy plastic surgeons and persons shopping for plastic surgery enhancements. And when you are ready for an enhancement a consultation fee is well worth it especially when you are selecting a physician that is busy enough to charge for a consultation. This should let you know that the practice values every minute of the doctors time and yours. It should also say that they must have some good results as people continue to visit the practice and refer friends as well. Plastic surgeons and Cosmetic Surgeons in the Sacramento Area that charge for a consultation, value their time and skills.

If something is free is there a real value to it? What does free mean to you? Would you trust your face, eyes or breasts or skin to a plastic surgeon that is giving away surgery or their medical opinion for free during a consultation? What message does it send to you when a medical doctor especially one that has trained for over 15 years in a specialty is giving away their time? Why do they have to do this?

At Chrysalis Cosmetics a nominal consultation fee is collected. You can secure your consultation with any major credit card. The small fee collected for the consult is often used towards your procedure in most cases. When you are ready to move forward with some exciting changes give Dr Charles Perry and his staff a call at 916-273-7435.

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