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Laser skin resurfacing is used to make your skin feel younger, fresher and more healthy. In Sacramento California, Dr Charles Perry uses multiple lasers to enhance your skin. Most people like to start with a micro laser peel. Which runs about 750$. It removes the outer layer of epidermis at about 50 microns. It usually takes a day or two for the redness to resolve and about a week or two for the vibrant more healthy appearing skin to emerge. For some people a series of treatments is used, if however you would like more dramatic results a Profractional treatment can be combined with the peel to stimulate collagen growth. This deeper more thorough enhancement will plump the skin and smooth out the deeper wrinkles as well as improve the skins texture and color. This runs about 1500$. Again for some a series of treatments will be used to optimize the results. Most people heal enough within three days to put on makeup and return to work. The final results are not seen for a month however you will feel the benefits of the fresh skin within the week. Dr Perry can use the laser in a higher power setting as well if you have a little more time to recover and dramatically enhance your skin in one setting. We have found that this treatment to be the most dramatic and most people do not need to do this but once.
If you are interested in laser resurfacing you can visit laser skin care. There are many options to enhance your skin and your look.

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