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Blog post 1Training for a bodybuilding competition requires uncompromising discipline, adherence to a strict nutritional program, and dedication to an extreme exercise regimen to develop the award-winning physique that judges look for. Both men and women who compete are under intense scrutiny, and even small perceived physical flaws could hurt the chances of earning a medal. Even with rigorous preparation, sometimes there are still “problem” areas where the fat simply won’t disappear. For others, unintended facial volume loss can be bothersome, and for women, the loss of breast tissue may be evaluated as appearing less feminine. Dr. Charles Perry, our extensively trained plastic surgeon, understands the demands that bodybuilding makes on the body, and he offers a wide range of procedures that can help athletes enhance the areas outside of their control.

Each bodybuilder will have unique needs and goals, and Dr. Perry will tailor a treatment plan to address his or her desired outcome and anatomic indicators. In general, the most commonly sought after aesthetic procedures include:

While non-surgical treatment typically has little to no downtime, surgery will require a more significant recovery period, and Dr. Perry recommends that patients considering an operation schedule the procedure after the season has ended. In many cases, athletes experience faster than normal healing due to their excellent health, but recovery will be unique to each person, and certain exercises must be avoided during this period. Dr. Perry will explain any restrictions and instructions during the initial consultation.

If you have additional questions about how cosmetic procedures can help you enhance your bodybuilding physique and improve your overall score, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Perry, please contact us today.

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