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Throughout my years in practice, I’ve heard several myths surrounding the liposuction procedure. In this blog entry, I’ve selected four liposuction myths and detailed what makes each one untrue.

Myth: Fat Will Return


The truth is, fat cells do not come back. However, fat cells all over the body can get bigger with weight gain, so while liposuctioned fat cells don’t necessarily grow back, fat cells left in other areas can still store additional energy. In summation, a patient can still gain weight after surgery, but the fat cells that were removed during liposuction do not grow back.

Myth: Patients Need to Lose Weight Prior to Liposuction

The truth is, post-surgical weight loss will often yield better-looking results than pre-surgical weight loss. In fact, the effect of weight loss after the procedure generally enhances the effect of liposuction.

Myths: Patients Can Return to Work the Same Day

The truth is, everyone recovers on a different timeframe. It typically takes three to six months for the swelling to completely come down – not one day. For most people, a week off of work is realistic. My advice is to embrace the time it takes to recover and enjoy the process of healing.

Myth: Laser Liposuction is the Best Technique

The truth is, laser liposuction has risks – such as burning the skin – that are not seen with traditional liposuction. Along with the fact that there have been no credible long-term studies showing any difference between the results of the technologies used for liposuction, this claim of laser liposuction being better is largely misleading. Liposuction techniques are tools, and the surgeon is the artist. To think this way would be like choosing a carpenter based upon the type of hammer he or she uses – not their results.

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