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According to recent statistics released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), 127,776 breast lift surgeries were performed in the United States last year. Due to the popularity of this cosmetic procedure, we recently sat down with Dr. Charles Perry, our board-certified plastic surgeon, to ask some general questions about breast lift surgery at our Sacramento plastic surgery practice. Below is our Q&A with Dr. Perry providing a brief insight into the breast enhancement procedure.

Question: What percentage of your patients receive breast lifts?

Dr. Perry: Around 25% of people seeking breast augmentation will require a breast lift to achieve their goal results. The opposite is also true in that often people come in requesting a breast lift and they are happy with just an augmentation. It really depends upon the goals of the individual and their breast characteristics.

Q: If I came into your practice interested in a breast lift, how would you conduct the consultation?

DP: We would first listen to your goals – which are the most important factors in the consultation. Then a breast examination is done. We then discuss the options for achieving the results and look at some photos to help explain the process. We can try on some implant sizers to help, on occasion, and will try lifting the breast to the position desired if indicated.

Q: How do you determine candidacy for the three different breast lift techniques you offer?

DP: A breast lift is most commonly performed in one of three ways: circular, vertical, or inverted T-shaped. The circular technique is done for very small lifts with an implant to provide the breast shape. The vertical lift can be done for larger lifts – two to four centimeters – with an implant to help with shaping and upper pole fullness. The anchor, or inverted T-lift, is done for larger lifts – generally greater than four centimeters – and can be done without an implant as the breast tissue can be shaped to enhance the breast. However, if needed, breast implants can be used during the inverted T-lift to provide lasting upper pole fullness.

Q: What does a post-surgery follow-up visit consist of?

DP: Generally, checking the incision and ensuring there is no additional swelling or compromising of the blood supply for the nipple or areolar complex is done at one week. At six weeks, another check-up is performed to assure that the breast shape is forming in the appropriate way.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like patients to know about breast lift procedures at your practice?

DP: Breast lifts help shape the breast and lift the nipple appropriately on the breast. Bras will still be required to make the result long-lasting. It is possible to retighten the breast in time, especially when a larger implant is used. A retightening of breast is often required for patients who have undergone a large weight loss as well.

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