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At Chrysalis Cosmetics in Sacramento California we have added a new product for your convenience – Liquid Smile.

Smile Brighter

Whiten your Smile Today

It is a teeth whitener and uses 12% hydrogen peroxide in a gel form. Unlike other over the counter devices (which are usually half as stong around 6%) or older products that used carbamide peroxide this product is active as soon as it is placed on your tooth. It seems to be less sensitizing to the gums and doesn’t require a mouth guard or strips to be place on your teeth. It works for about 15 minutes and over a two week period can lighten your teeth. The results, easy of application, the choice of flavors (lime, root beer, cola and mint) as well as the convenience of the application inspired us to make this product available to you.

Smile Brighter in Sacramento California

Liquid Smile - Advancements in Whitening Your Teeth

We suggest brushing your teeth and flossing prior to application and only using at night. This allows the product time to work and time for your teeth to whiten and then coat themselves again with pellicle prior to the ingestion of tea, coffee or wine. The Hydrogen peroxide whitens the teeth by breaking the carbon to carbon bonds of plaque through oxidation. And then the H2O2 turns into water and oxygen as well as carbon dioxide. In general after the hydrogen peroxide cleans the stained teeth a pellicle is formed in about four hours – protecting your clean and whitened teeth. For less than a hundred dollars you can purchase this treatment which has two two week treatments which is a years supply.
Three out of four people think that those that smile frequently are both confident and successful. We want to help you feel confident and successful when smiling. Some of the of the other products we have to offer besides liquid smile that will enhance and frame your beautiful smile include; PhotoFacials, Laser resufacing, Restylane, Juvederm, Botox, Scultra and Radiesse are some of the tools we can utilize to assist you in putting your best face forward.

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