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It is interesting to see so many Americans traveling abroad to have their cosmetic surgeries performed. It is also troubling to read blogs encouraging people to travel for their surgery citing one example of a succesful outcome. Its like knowning someone who won the lottery. We certainly realize that it is cheaper to have plastic surgery in other countries, however, cheaper is not always better and the risks you take may be quite high. The real question is will the cost savings (often less than a $1000) be worth the hassle and extraordinary risks as well as the travel arrangements and extra time away from home?
Only you can answer that. Let us consider why staying close to home in a familiar and safe setting with board trained physicians may actually be worth a few extra dollars especially when it comes to your health and body. At Chrysalis Cosmetics in the Capital City of California we especially feel this is important when considering facial plastic surgery.

The United States has been the leader in the cosmetic surgery arena. Our government, boards, and surgical specialty societies regulate and facilitate safe plastic surgery practices. The products we use are rigorously tested to meet the highest standards of any nation. Besides the high standards for the facilities the United Sates has been a leader in innovation. People from all over the world travel here to train in cosmetic surgery. Physicians travel here to attend the many world class conferences and courses. Besides isn’t it more convenient to recover in the comfort of your own home with friends and family only a quick phone call away? Your surgery in the United States will most likely take place in an accredited facility that is prepared to handle extraordinary events and transfer you to a safe hospital if the need arises. At Chrysalis Cosmetics you will also have a thorough physical examination prior to your surgery and specialized laboratory examination as well. In the event that a health issue arises that requires further evaluation a full work up with your own physician will occur prior to your surgery. Your safety is our number one concern.

When traveling to another country your health may not be their number one or two concern. You must also ask yourself if you do not get the result you want or the stitches come out on your plane flight home who will correct the issue? Will you fly back to the third world country? Will it cost you more money? What if the surgeon who performed your surgery didn’t leave you with an operative report? Will another surgeon have enough information to care for you if they did not perform the surgery? Another issue to consider is how soon after the surgery should you fly? Flying can put you at higher risk for blood clots. These can develop in your legs and have been known to travel to your lungs.

These are real concerns. It seems that a lot of Americans are taking risks in order to have a surgery done on a budget. We truly hope they get the results they desire and are happy with their new look. We also hope that in the event something unexpected happens they and their loved ones are prepared. Let us know if we can help.

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