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Have you ever wanted to decrease the amount of fat on your belly? Read on, as this blog is for you. With all the new technology available, liposuction removal of the difficult areas of fat excess has never been easier or more comfortable. Using tumescence supplemented with laser liposuction has increased the comfort and decreased the recovery time as most people with sedentary careers (i.e., desk work) are now going to work the next day. The procedure can be done with you fully sedated or awake, though many people enjoy a little relaxation – it’s up to you. While many people choose to have liposuction in the summer, we are finding that the winter months are often better as it allows your body time to recover and look its very best by swimsuit season.

When thinking about having liposuction or body contouring performed, be sure to choose a plastic surgeon who is board-certified in plastic surgery. It is also a good idea to share your goals of body contouring, as in some cases, another procedure, such as a tummy tuck, thigh lift, arm lift, or neck lift may be more efficacious in achieving your goals.

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