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Rosacea is a skin condition of the skin affect the face most commonly and is characterized by redness, telangectasias and flushing or blushing with certain foods and emotions. It can also have eruptions and pustules when an inflammatory component is present. While the cause is unknown it is most commonly seen in patients over the age of thirty. Rosacea can be differenteatieated from acne in that it typically does not have pustules. Biopsy is usually not indicated as clinical examine is usually all that s necessary for diagnosis. However is Lupus is suspected a biopsy may be helpful. At Chrysalis Cosmetics, Dr Charles Perry, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon has been using Laser skin therapy for treatment of Rosacea with beautiful results. Of course medical therapy is usually initiated and optimized prior to utilizing the laser in order to enhance the clearance of the redness. While Dr Perry advocates avoid alcohol, red wine, spicy foods and sun exposure, Chrysalis Cosmetics also has specialized sun screens and mineral makeup to reduce the occurrence and severity. Occasionally a topical antibiotic will be helpful to treat the infectious outbreaks associated with pustules. On occasion an oral antibiotic might be required as well. Decreased sebaceous hyperplasia may also be helpful in certain circumstances.
The exciting new treatment of Rosacea has been the use of the KTP (532 nm) laser. Utilizing a wave length of light specific for the red vessels, Dr Perry and his team at Chrysalis Cosmetics can safely and effectively reduce the redness that afflicts patients whom have Rosacea. In Sacramento California laser treatment of Rosacea often takes less than an hour is relatively painless. The results can be dramatic and often only a few laser sessions are needed. On occasion the skin may also need a little tightening and softening and other lasers can be utilized to enhance the result and leave your skin looking its very best. Laser skin resurfacing or laser dermal tightening are other therapies that can help manage some of the texture issues Rosacea often creates. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we strive to enhance the quality of your life. We look forward to meeting you and clearing your face of the Rosacea redness.

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