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For people living in and around Sacramento, California, ultraviolet radiation from the sun is a daily occurrence. As a plastic surgery practice specializing in facial rejuvenation procedures, we know that age and sun exposure as well as smoking can change the appearance of our skin. We see the relaxation of the skin or even sagging around specific areas of the face such as the jowls, marionette lines, parenthesis under eyes, and neck as well as the brow. We notice the change of skin color and the roughening of its texture. At first fine lines develop and then come the creases and the waddle. Other changes include the loss of underlying soft tissue volume and the bone support, followed by the relaxation of the supporting facial muscles. Now before giving up hope, there is much we can do to reverse the aging appearance. As a plastic surgeon in Sacramento with a practice devoted to serving the cosmetic needs of the people in the Roseville, Granite Bay, Folsom, Elk Grove, Davis, Stockton, Woodland, and Modesto regions, Dr. Charles Perry understands the unique aspects of facial aging and will develop a specific plan to comprehensively improve your appearance.

We have found that laser skin rejuvenation, soft tissue fillers, muscle enhancement, and lifting allow the look of beauty to return in a dramatic yet natural way. Dr. Perry uses the latest in skin care technology (Vivite, Clinque, Obagi, iS Clinical), lasers (Venus, Gemini, Fraxel), and chemical peels (TCA, Glycolic) to refresh the skin and bring out the luster and softness that give the look and feel of youthful skin. Once the skin is beautified and the wrinkles reduced, the underlying soft tissues can be adjusted to enhance the contour and proportions. Using liposelection, Structural Fat transfers, Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra, or other fillers, Dr. Perry is able to enhance the facial balance and appearance (visit our website to try the visualizer tool). As we age, the lower half of the face can get heavy while the upper half gets thinner. A little lift and some volume adjustments can make a dramatic improvement. We can also address other specific areas with a rhinoplasty or nose rejuvenation, blepharoplasty or eyelid lift and the brows with a forehead or brow lift. Developing an individual plan with you is something Dr. Perry and Chrysalis Cosmetics are known for and it is one of the many things that distinguish their cosmetic plastic surgery practice. For some, a facelift is all that is needed while for others a chin or cheek implant may be required to provide better facial harmony. When your skin looks and feels its best, it can make people feel better. At Chrysalis Cosmetics, we take pride in assisting our community and helping you look and feel better. We are honored to be assist you with age management and look forward to meeting you.

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