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In today’s world looking your very best can mean looking youthful, fit happy, and healthy. What makes you look your very best is often individualized and there really does not exist one right look for everyone. When considering a facelift in Sacramento California be sure you do your homework regarding your options. As plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons such as Dr Charles Perry examine more faces every year for rejuvenation it has become clear that there are certainly some characteristics of an aged appearance. In fact studies have been done examining identical twins to compare what makes people looking more vital and youthful. In youth (referring to persons less than age 40) angularity often is rated as more attractive while after forty fuller cheeks and less hollowness around the eyes is often more youthful or vigorous looking. The skin tone and texture also changes s does the distribution of volume around the face. In Sacramento as in many places around California including Tahoe, Roseville, Elk Grove Modesto, Stockton and Folsom as well El Dorado Hills, it will require removal means smooth skin and the absence of sun spots and fine lines that can create a tired elderly appearance.
At Chrysalis Cosmetics we will evaluate your features and make some suggestions as to the options available to enhance your look. For some people an eyelid lift is all that is needed, while for others an eyelid lift and a browlift is required to enhance the periorbital region. As always it is important to discuss all of your options prior to proceeding with a facelift. Often times we have found that laser resurfacing along with a thorough skin care regiment with some augmentation of the lips and cheek using products such as Resytlane or Juvederm enhances the look and for some enough to avoid a secondary facelift. Combining skin resurfacing lasers or chemical peels can really brighten and tighten the skin leaving you feeling younger and more entergetic. We have found that most people want a natural look and this often requires refreshing not only the skin but the facial volume and removal of excess sagging. When combined a more natural look results and we are all happy.
Dr Charles Perry specializes in creating a unique and individualized result designed especially for you. At the consultation your ideas will be discussed and several options presented to you. The goal is for you to feel comfortable and relaxed in the fact that Dr Perry a fully trained Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specializing in Cosmetic Facial procedures will give you the results you desire. With your participation good things happen and the process of facial enhancement becomes less daunting and by working together with the wonderful staff at Chrysalis Cosmetics your transformation through cosmetic plastic surgery will be enjoyable and something that you will want to share with your friends and family. We look forward to meeting you.

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