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The wall

On the way to finishing my first marathon mile 18 the wall

Sacramento, California

While at a recent meeting of the Greater Sacramento Plastic Surgery Society I was caught up thinking about the end of another year 2011.

Every year, about this time, I think of all the amazing moments we have shared together. What a true luxury it is to reflect and feel the gratitude for the many good things we experience in our lives.  Just living in this amazing part of the world is such a blessing.  However, when give a chance to pause it is not the things in my life I feel the most appreciation for, it is the people.  Family always comes to mind.  I am thankful for the work ethic and sense of responsibility gained through being raised by such loving parents. Grandmother passed this year and I am thankful for all the wisdom she gave our family.  My wife turned forty with a kind of grace that continues to make one smile.  I am grateful for friends and colleagues especially those that encourage and support endeavors that have made life more meaningful.  I am thankful for the people that I am fortunate enough serve everyday and their trust in our office.  I am appreciative of the opportunity to work with wonderful people and their families.  Being in the company of others provides a purpose for the skills I feel blessed to have honed through the years and for this I am also indebted.  Personally I am blessed with health and the gift of hope that next year will be even brighter.  Enjoy the Holidays!

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