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Using gentle techniques and the Ouchless needle, Dr Charles Perry of Chrysalis Cosmetics in Sacramento California is helping his patients experience the joys of both Juvederm and Botox without the ouch. Using an arctic air cooler, nerve blocks and numbing creams like most other plastic surgeons in the Stockton, Modesto and Roseville areas – Dr Perry has also added the Ouchless needle as well. Many patients have commented that they love the results of the cosmoceuticals Botox and Juvederm as well as Restylane and Radiesse however the pain associated with the fine needle insertion often keeps them away for longer than they’d like while they build up the courage to visit the Sacramento Office. Dr Charles Perry, a board certified plastic surgeon living in the Carmichael area, has found that with the cool mist of the Ouchless Needle the insertion is much less noticed and patients are much happier. The device often makes the process less cumbersome or messy as the numbing cream normally used to make the process easier is no longer needed.

If you are considering utilizing a filler such as Juvederm, Restylane or Radiesse for facial enhancement this season – consider the Ouchless needle as well. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we focus on your comfort and result! We look forward to helping you achieve the look you desire.

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