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Otoplasty or surgery of the ear is something that can have a dramatic effect upon a person’s life. Having malformed or very large ears creates much unwanted attention for the owner. What we see after fixing the ears or pinning the ears is truly amazing. To witness the expression one has after having their ears fixed is phenomenal. Large ears affect not only one’s hairstyle but can affect confidence as well, especially if they are subjected to teasing. Plastic surgeons have special training in helping people with unique characteristics make changes that allow them to appear like they wish. (Notice the left ear before incision-less otoplasty surgery and after below)

Otoplasty photo prior to surgery in Sacramento by Dr Charles Perry Plastic Surgeon specializing in Cosmetic SurgeryIncision-less Otoplasty after surgery in Sacramento. Plastic Surgeon Dr Charles Perry specializing in Cosmetic Surgery

At Chrysalis Cosmetics we have started performing the incision-less otoplasty for some patients. Incision-less otoplasty has actually been around since the 1960’s however was done from the front of the ear. Dr Charles Perry places sutures to form the antihelical fold that is often missing in children and adults with large ears. By combining several well placed sutures and anterior scoring of the antihelical fold cartilage a fold can be created. We are finding this procedure is well tolerated and creates a natural looking ear with less recovery time. The plastic surgical procedure takes about an hour. Of course if the conchal bowl (or cup of the ear) is too large a set back or resection of the excess cartilage may be required and does require an incision and slightly more time. Of course a thorough examination is required prior to any decision as to what technique can be used to reduce the prominence of the ears and a discussion with your plastic surgeon as well. As a plastic surgeon in Sacramento Dr. Charles Perry of Chrysalis Cosmetics has found that otoplasty or surgery of the ear is one of the most rewarding procedures he offers and looks forward to answering your questions.

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