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Do you buy your coffee at Starbucks, Tulleys or Pete’s or are you okay with AMPM or McDonalds?

Do you like Acura, Audi, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes or would you rather drive a KIA or Hyundai?

Do you make decisions based upon price or value?
These are some of the questions you may want to consider before looking for a plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgery office. There are many cosmetic and plastic surgeons that perform surgeries for cut rates and offer lots of special incentives. They base their business model on volume similar to McDonalds or Jiffy Lube. If you are choosing your surgeon which category fits for you?
Perhaps you are interested in value long term, relationships, and want to have a n experience that places a premium on your results, comfort, and safety. You want to be treated like an individual and cared for in a way that feels more comfortable to you.
Plastic surgery has never been more available. With so many options it is important to be selective and choose your surgeon wisely. Let us know if we can help.
Other things to consider:
Board Certification in Plastic Surgery?
Credentialed to perform the same surgery in a hospital?
When and where did the doctor learn to perform the particular surgery?
How many of these particular procedures have they performed?
What happens if a revision surgery is required?
Whom will cover the doctor in an emergency situation or on the weekend?
Does the office staff display confidence in the Doctor?
Has anyone in the office had the same procedure done?
Is their office accredited for procedures?
Do they take insurance?

In Sacramento you have many wonderful plastic and cosmetic surgeons to choose from. It is our belief that their is the right surgeon and office available for your needs within this community. It is an exciting time for plastic surgery.

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