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Breast augmentation changes the way you look. It enhances the figure, improves the waist to hip ratio and improves the way clothes fit on the body. Once the breast have been enhanced it is hard to even imagine going back the unenhanced look. This being true for the majority of women, maintenance of the enhanced breast and implants through the wearing of appropriate supportive bras is required. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we offer the Le Mystere line of lingerie that is specifically made to support the enhanced breast. However even good support may not be enough to keep the breast looking their best over time as the tissue around the implant often thins and the implant can get hard. In general a good rule of thumb is to self examine your breast every month at the same time and to have your breasts examined every year by your plastic surgeon or at least every 10 – 15 years.

On occasion an MRI, Mammogram or Ultrasound examination may be required. These tests can help determine if the implant is function optimally and assess the breast tissue surrounding the breast implant. The breast implants’ outer shell (like everything else in the body) under goes oxidation over time and unlike living tissues is unable to repair itself. Breast augmentation revision most commonly involves removal of the breast implant and any extra scar tissue supplemented with replacement of perhaps a slightly larger breast implant size. Often the same incision can be used to revise the implant. On occasion a breast lift maybe required to enhance the look as well.

Breast revision plastic surgery has become more and more common with the variety of implant choices available to women. Fat transfer is another option for small contour irregularities that may develop. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we focus on your individual needs and develop a plan with you in order to obtain the best outcome for you specifically. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss the possibilities.

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