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There are many factors that can affect how your breast augmentation results will appear. The first consideration is the type of breast implant. Another important concern will be the placement of the implants. Dr. Charles Perry, our board certified plastic surgeon, will discuss the choices available to you during your initial consultation. Generally speaking, there are two main placement options: over the muscle or under the muscle.

Under the muscle placement may refer to an implant placed partially beneath the muscle (total submuscular) or to one placed mainly behind the muscle (partial submuscular). These are the most common pocket locations for saline implants and for patients who do not have enough existing breast tissue to hide the contour of the breast implants. This muscle can also help support the implant over time against the effects of gravity. However, this technique may not be ideal for women experiencing sagging (ptosis) or who have larger breasts.

Over the muscle can also come in two varieties. One option is to put the implant completely over the muscle with only the breast tissue above the implant (subglandular). If the patient has thin skin or minimal breast tissue, there is some risk that the implant edges will be visible. Another choice is the subfascial pocket, which places the implant below the pectoralis muscle but above the main muscle mass. This position may reduce the likelihood of visible implant edges as well as rippling. Additionally, fat can be transferred from the abdomen to soften the appearance of the implant if so desired. When placing the implant above the muscle, Dr. Perry prefers to utilize a textured, shaped implant for support and to diminish the risk of encapsulation.

The right placement for you will depend on many unique elements. Our skilled, attentive, and compassionate plastic surgeon can provide guidance to make the appropriate decision for your needs and goals.

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