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Choosing the right plastic surgeon is important for the outcome of your breast enhancement or augmentation surgery involving breast implants (For Dr Charles Perry’s information see Besides choosing the right surgeon and support staff to help you get through the healing process, one should also consider obtaining excellent support bras. Follwoing surgery breast massage will be taught to you by one of our trained patient care coordinators. You will also be encouraged to apply a hydrating lotion as the breast swell. This proctects the skin and prevents additional irritation. It is also important to protect the breast from the sun and wind following surgery until the swelling resolves.

One of the services essential services Dr Charles Perry and the staff at Chrysalis Cosmetics offer is a free sizing service following completion of your healing process. We believe in supporting your breast to prevent gravity from aging your beautiful enhanced breasts. Once the swelling and settling are complete your breast band size and cup size will be determined. A discount on Le Mystere No 9 Lingerie will also be offered if you’d like. We believe life should be beautiful. It is important to protect and support your breasts with great fitting lingerie that will support an enhanced breast in the appropriate manner. We look forward to assisting you in the transformation.

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