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Abdominoplasty (sometimes referred to as a tummy tuck) is an amazing operation for enhancing the natural beauty of the abdomen and bringing out the beauty of the chest and hips. Once your diet and exercise have been optimized and you have done your best and yet still have a little pouch or loose skin and muscles around your mid section it may be time to consider another way of enhancing your figure. In Sacramento, Dr Charles Perry at Chrysalis Cosmetics uses an internal muscle repair as well as repositioning the skin and liposuction to improve the abdominal contour, waist and hips. This tightening brings the waist in creating those beautiful curves when surrounded by the chest above and the hips below.
Recently Quill developed a barbed suture that has allowed Dr Perry to shorten the operative time and tighten the abdominal muscles without using knots. This has allowed for an even smoother contour of the midline abdominal skin and more refined look. We have been very pleased with this new suture technique and the results it is allowing us to achieve. Besides the Quill suture, Vaser liposuction has allowed us to achieve better skin tightening and to lessen the bruising following the procedure when combined with abdominal waist and back liposuction contouring. The combination of Vaser liposuction with an abdominoplasty will optimize your middle section contour and allow for more beautiful results.
At Chrysalis Cosmetics we also use a pain pump routinely to lessen your need of narcotics following the surgery making you more comfortable and this also allows you to move much sooner and better following your enhancement. It is an exciting time to be thinking about abdominoplasty especially here in Sacramento California near Roseville adn Foslom as well as Stockton, Yuba City and Modesto.