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Sacramento California. With summer right around the corner and with all the great outdoor activities planned we wanted you to provide you with another option to safely enjoy your activities while being protected from the sun’s ultra violet radiation. Over the last four years we have ben wearing swim shirts and hats made by Sunday Afternoons to protect our skin and our children’s skin from the abdundant UV radiation in the Sacramento Valley and throughout California.

Tahoe Hat

Sunday Afternoons offers hats and swim wear to protect you and your children’s skin form the harmful UV radiation. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we are excited to offer this product to you. Sun wear along with a skin care program can provide fresh skin through out the season. Most hats and clothes are 50 SPF (UPF)and protect you from both UV A and UV B. UV B rays cause sunburn, skin dryness, peeling, pigmentation spots, premature aging, and some types of skin cancer. UVA rays are related to premature aging, some types of skin cancers, and eye damage (macular degeneration and cataracts). Remember to protect you and your children’s skin this summer. We look forward to seeing you and assisting you with your plastic and cosmetic surgery needs as well as skin care.

*UPF: “Ultraviolet Protection Factor” is the international standard for rating UV resistance in fabrics and clothes. Over 98% of the UV rays are prevented from passing through a fabric with a rating of 40 – 50 UPF. The sun protective properties the Sunday Afternoon fabrics last for the life of the garment, and does not wash out.

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