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One of the most exciting changes in plastic surgery has been the ability to perform multiple procedures at one time. While this can be attributed to more than just the fantastic achievements in plastic surgery, it has allowed cosmetic surgery to move from the hospital inpatient setting to the ambulatory clinical setting in most plastic surgeons offices around Sacramento California. We witnessing more and more people realizing the advantages of having complete transformations such as a tummy tuck and breast augmentation because of the synergistic effects multiple procedures have. The most common recently requested transformation has been the mommy makeover. This combination of procedures addresses the torso from the neck to the thighs. And really when one thinks about the procedure it is similar to having a facelift, eyelift as well as a brow lift and laser resurfacing done all at once. The combination of the facial procedures addresses the full face and provides a more complete and natural appearance. The dramatic and more natural look of having the area completely rejuvenated and restored is often a more natural look than when done piecemeal or at different times.

There is also a trend to have multiple procedures on different aspects of the body at once as well. Commonly liposuction of the neck and thighs might be added to a rhinoplasty and or a breast enhancement. We are seeing ear pinning (otoplasty) being combined with breast augmentation as well as a nose surgery. No longer are people waiting to get their procedures done at different times and having to go through different recoveries and disruptions of their personal lives and busy schedules. While full recovery and incisional healing takes a year, most people return to work within a week or two. Certainly the recovery from multiple procedures may be a little more difficult to endure however most patients state that they would do it again.

The ability to have multiple procedures performed at once is one of the benefits of visiting a plastic surgeon’s office for your transformation because they are fully trained in esthetics and harmony from head to toe in all types of procedures. This allows the plastic surgeon to listen to you and then provide a treatment plan that addresses your concerns as well as your time frame and budget. From injectables such as Juvederm and Botox to lasers such as the Sciton Profractional to Facelifts and Mommy Makeovers, all of the tools are available in one practice. You won’t feel like you are being sold a product or a laser but more of a complete package to address your unique and individual concerns.

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