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We all have an idea about what beauty is, and sometimes we need a little help to completely reveal our inner splendor. Besides eating well, thinking positively, exercising, and getting enough sleep, a visit to your cosmetic surgeon can do wonders towards achieving your goals. Beauty is a lifelong process and each stage of life offers different challenges

Closed Rhinoplasty Sacramento California

Closed Rhinoplasty

In our teen years, peer acceptance is extremely important to self-esteem. Competition for dating and finding a niche to fit into is very daunting. Sometimes people are born with physical features that make it difficult to feel accepted. It is exciting to know that a plastic surgeon can help. Large ears, a protruding nose, recessive chin, acne scarring, or a chest in need of reshaping can be remedied with subtle procedures that make it easier to look more becoming and feel more accepted.

In our twenties and thirties, career aspirations are in full swing. As superficial as it may seem, attractiveness is often better rewarded. Employers frequently judge competence by our appearance and social skills. We see in this phase of life that subtle enhancements can give one an edge on the competition. Breast enhancement and liposuction are the most popular procedures not because of vanity, but because they can significantly enhance one’s career advancement and social acceptance. Corrective actions such as lip enhancement, laser skin treatment, or a skin regimen can be very effective in achieving that extra advantage in today’s world of looks and glamour. These may not just boost a person’s ego, but also their income.

Our thirties and forties are a time of maintaining beauty through exercise and healthy diet. Children take more of our time and our careers are in full swing. It is a time of balancing life’s demands. We dedicate much time and attention to running a household, raising our kids, and accelerating our career, but we also need to give ourselves some attention. This is a time when stress, dietary indiscretions, and accumulating sun damage begin to create fine lines and creases. Signs of aging are seen around the eyes first and in the skin of our faces. People often choose to maintain their best features with subtle facial enhancements such as eye and brow lifts, facial augmentation fillers, and Botox®, along with tummy tucks, breast lifts, and other enhancements such as liposuction. Cosmetic surgery can help restore some of the damage that living and stress leave behind.

By our fifties and sixties, most people are thinking about turning back the hands of time with a facelift. Plastic surgery can help maintain the appearance and the feeling of vitality. Some suffer the pressure of trying to compete with younger rising stars and are concerned about being perceived as “not-in-touch” with the current technology. Some are beginning to take time off for travel, grandchildren, eating out, volunteering, and enjoying leisurely activities. They want to feel young and look vital and be thought of as youthful and healthy. Laser enhancements, facial fillers, brow lifts, chin augmentation, and neck lifts are very popular at this time. Skin tightening and texture enhancements are common themes. This is often a time of increased socializing and pleasurable activities – you want to look your best!

Whichever stage of life you find yourself, it’s never too soon to consider cosmetic surgery as a way of maintaining and enhancing your youthful appearance. In seeking a plastic surgeon, we suggest specific questions to determine if they are qualified and interested in achieving the aesthetic goals that are most important to you. For example: Is the surgeon a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery? Do they specialize in cosmetic surgery or just “dabble” in cosmetic surgery? Do they stay current in the latest techniques? Does the surgeon have hospital privileges? Who will actually perform the procedure? What are my options if I am disappointed with the results? What is the length of recovery? May I see some before and after photos? Where exactly will the surgery be performed? Is it an accredited facility? Many doctors are beginning to “experiment” with cosmetic surgery, but are not board-certified in plastic surgery. Investigate the possibilities of achieving a more beautiful you, but carefully research your choice of physician.

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Dr. Charles Perry, M.D. is a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. Dr. Perry has been performing surgery since 1997.

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