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At Chrysalis Cosmetics in Sacramento California we are commonly asked “What is the differnece between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.” Dr Charles Perry specializes in Cosmetic Surgery for people within the Sacramento Valley region so our answer will be from the prospective of board certified plastic surgeon.

Plastic Surgery is a specific form of training within the specialty of surgery. For example Cardiac or Vascular Surgery are other types of subspecialties within surgery. Plastics originated from the Greek word Plastikos “to mold”, which describes Plastic Surgery. Cosmetic surgery is a subspecialty within the teaching or training of Plastic Surgeons. Other subspecialties within plastic surgery included Hand Surgery, Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery, Breast Reconstruction, Skin Tumor Extirpation, Head and Neck Reconstruction, Burns, Wound Care, Facial Trauma, and Abdominal, Chest and Lower Extremity reconstruction. The American Board of Plastic Surgery certifies graduates of Plastic Surgery Residency programs as being trained in the full spectrum of plastic surgery which includes the subspecialty of cosmetic plastic surgery. This training encourages a lifelong learning process that has improved our specialty of cosmetic plastic surgery and benefits everyone.
Cosmetic surgery has become such a popular subspecialty that many other physicians advertize themselves as being cosmetic surgeons. It can be difficult to decide who is actually fully trained and credentialed. Not all “Cosmetic Surgeons” have the same training or are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery which has stringent criteria and even samples some of its diplomat’s surgeries to ensure appropriate judgment, knowledge and ethics. Cosmetic surgery demands excellent skill and judgment as the physician is operating on a healthy person to improve and enhance their quality of life. Cosmetic surgery focuses on improving the appearance and allowing the inner beauty to be expressed.
At Chrysalis Cosmetics we will answer all of your questions. Dr Charles Perry is a diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Chrysalis is certified by the Institute of Medical Quality as well. Dr Charles Perry believes that everyone should live a beautiful life.

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