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After Juvederm Botox Cosmetic InjectionsJuvederm Filler injection and Botox InjectionsWhy are you having plastic Surgery?…. This is often a common comment one receives when one shares that they are thinking about a plastic surgery procedure. One might respond, “Everybody’s doing it” as cosmetic surgery has seen a 500% rise in plastic surgical procedures over the past ten years. However the real reason is most likely to improve an area of the appearance that has personal importance. While this is may not be the only reason, more and more people are realizing the positive affects plastic surgery has on one’s body image and attractiveness. In a recent study by Sarwer et al in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal Vol 28 May/June 2008, over 100 patients were surveyed for two years following their cosmetic surgery. The results revealed that not only were over 89% of patients satisfied with their results (with over 70% being extremely satisfied) over 95 % of patients would recommend having cosmetic plastic surgery to their friends. From Lodi California before and after Botox.

Before Juvederm - Lodi CaliforniaAfter Juvederm - Lodi CaliforniaIt was intriguing to note that over 88% of the patients surveyed revealed that they had received overwhelmingly (94%) positive comments about their surgery and their new look. Cosmetic surgery may improve one’s self rated attractiveness and enhance body image for over two years following surgery as well.

After abdominoplasty, Patient from Folsom CaliforniaBefore abdominoplasty, Patient from Folsom CaliforniaFrom this study and others it appears that cosmetic surgery for the majority of patients has a positive lasting affect on one’s overall feeling of attractiveness and appearance. It may improve self esteem and lower depression however these characteristics have many factors to consider other than plastic surgery and seem to be more affected by individual characteristics and brain chemistry than a surgeon’s touch. The decision to have cosmetic plastic surgery is personal, requires research, and planning. It is best to make a well informed decision. Let Chrysalis Cosmetics help you.

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