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SkinTyte tightens loose skin through a process of heating the collagen below the dermis. This revolutionary treatment using the Sciton Joule laser platform has helped many patients following liposuction with a small amount of skin laxity however not enough for a full surgery to enhance their appearance through mild tighten of the skin. It seems to work best for those with lighter skin tones and a little subcutaneous adiposity. We have also notice nice improvements around the neck and jowls either before or after facelift procedures. At Chrysalis Cosmetics Dr Charles Perry, a Plastic Surgeon, has observed that when combined with fillers and a Profractional orMicro-Peel the results of the SkinTyte seem to work synergistically to enhance the appearance. In Sacramento Dr Perry usually offers a series of SkinTyte sessions subsequent to other treatments in order to improve the results and maintain the safety of the procedure.

SkinTyte works by cooling the skin surface then pulsing light through the dermis and targeting collagen and pigmented cells as well as water to heat the deep dermis. We know that if we can heat the deep dermis to 40 C we can achieve some remodeling of the skin that both firms and tightens the appearance. It is an exciting time to be thinking about enhancing your appearance.

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