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The simple answer is to feel better. Plastic Surgery has been available to help people feel better about appearance very tangible way. Originally Plastic Surgeons would be asked to reconstruct people’s noses after they had been removed as a punishment. Recreating a nose and removing a social stigma was a great reason to have plastic surgery. Today plastic surgery has evolved into an art of enhancement. People pursue plastic surgery to remove unwanted stigma of sun damage, old age, tired eyes, sagging breasts and stretched out tummies. Some pursue cosmetic plastic surgery to enhance a feature of their body or face that will allow them to portray their inner-selves in a better light. The reasons are many and diverse as to the why people seek plastic and cosmetic surgery here in Sacramento. However all people universally enjoy presenting themselves in their best light and incongruence with their inner beauty. It is truly exciting to see the improvements in peoples’ lives once they feel better about their appearance. On occasion it is part of a greater transformation process that starts from deep within and eventually comes to the surface through smiles, laughter, on occasion with new clothes, and a new style to compliment their new face or body.
At Chrysalis Cosmetics in Sacramento California we look forward to assisting with your transformation. Whether before a wedding or between a career transition or after children, we are excited to discuss your reason for making a change. No matter how big or small it may be, the changes in your life can be exciting and dramatic. Others may even notice and comment on the new confidence that you exude. Plastic Cosmetic Surgery can be a small part of a bigger awaking inside you.

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