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Plastic surgeons across the country and in the Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom area are being asked more and more about labioplasty. Labioplasty is now being performed in clinics across the country by plastic surgeons as well as in Sacramento at Chrysalis Cosmetics Surgery Center. Excess skin of the external genitalia (labia minora in most cases) can be quite bothersome for some women. The excess skin can make it difficult to do many things comfortably and can be a constant irritant for some. There is something that can be done comfortably and in a discrete environment.
Plastic surgeons have been performing labioplasty reductions as well as augmentations for years and liken it to a rhinioplasty or a breast surgery which similarly alter the shape or proportions of another area of the body. Trauma or abnormal development may affect an external feature of our appearance in a way that draws unwanted attention. Having an individual characteristic that makes us different can make oneself conscience of their appearance in certain circumstances and limit their ability to feel confident. Dr Charles Perry of and Chrysalis Cosmetics feels that one should be able to feel as confident with their appearance as they would like and enjoys assisting others feel their best through offering plastic and cosmetic procedures that can help alter the appearance in a predictable safe way.
Labioplasty takes about two hours to perform for most and recovery is relatively autonomous. Most enjoy full activities within six weeks. We are finding many people having this done on a Friday and returning to work on Monday without difficulty. The sutures for Labioplasty are absorbable and will dissolve by six weeks in most circumstances on their own. It is very exciting to see so many women now freeing themselves of their excess labia minora skin and feeling confident about their external genitalia.

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