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Laser light energy is often used to treat a variety of conditions. Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom , Stockton and Modesto all receive large amounts of solar radiation and people living in these areas and those in Reno and Tahoe know that this radiation creates a tan or even a sunburn if one is unprotected. While this is usually because of the UV B light, the UV A radiation often causes the solar elastosis and pigmentary changes associated with sun damaged skin. This sun damaged skin can be treated with light from the Sciton BBL here in Sacramento at Chrysalis Cosmetics. Dr Charles Perry uses a PhotoFacial combination of light at 560 nm 515 nm and 695 nm to gently encourage your skin to remove these unwanted pigmentary changes and stimulate the skin to create more collagen that is tighter and more organized. This energy also stimulates the dermis to thicken and tighten creating a smoother shinier skin. Photofacials are relatively painless and can be done in as little as an hour.

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