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Plastic Surgery has changed in recent years as more and more a realization that people age in a similar fashion. Volume, along with dermatoheliosis occurs to some extent people over time. One of the first things to change with age is the eyes. The skin here is thinner and the fat atrophy and descent with age or following pregnancy is often appreciated more readily than say the back where the skin is much thicker. The cheek bones in this area can also play a big role in the visibility of these changes as well. On occasion they will require some augmentation to enhance the facial balance in a natural way. When we see a loss of fullness and firmness of the eyelid skin it can translate into dark circles and sunken cheeks as well as prominent nasolabial creases and folds. People often recognize this as tiredness or sadness and will often ask “Is anything wrong – you look so tired”.

For years Plastic Surgeons used to correct this by pulling the skin back. However this (Facelift) is often required every five or ten years the pulls back begin to look scary and give a wind-swept frozen look that becomes so unnatural. New ideas and products have allowed plastic surgeons in the Sacramento area to create more natural look with volumization of the midface. Sculptra is one of the newest players in the market. It stimulates your own body to make more collagen to create a natural look and feel. Because it is a stimulator of your own tissues the results appear more slowly and over time as opposed to all of a sudden. In this way no one will know you have had anything done however everyone will notice. Sculptra along with Radiesse, Juvederm and Restylane are used to create the look you like and can be used in conjunction with other procedures such as blepharoplasty, facelift and brow lifts. They are often combined with neuromodulars such as Botox and Dysport as well as laser resurfacing to fully enhance and rejuvenate the facial aesthetics. With Sculptra the look can be maintained for 2 to three years after full correction has been achieved whereas with some of the other options yearly touch ups are usually required.

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