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The FDA has approved a new hyaluronic acid facial filler Preville Silk. Preville Silk is the first hyaluronic acid product to contain a local anesthetic called lidocaine. In a controlled study, patients reported significantly less pain during injection with Preville Silk as compared to the other HA products that do not contain lidocaine. The word “silk” describes the product as it flows and fills very smoothly. The price of this product is considerably lower than other hyaluronic injectables on the market, explaining why it usually lasts approximately 90 days. Patients have been very pleased with the comfort of injection. The new product is manufactured by Mentor Corporation. Mentor is famous for it’s production of high quality breast implants made specifically for breast augmentation. Dr Charles Perry specializes in a natural look. Preville Silk is another tool for enhancing your look and feel. Let Chrysalis Cosmetics answer your questions and help you look your best. Give us a call at 916.248.4447.

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