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In Sacramento the best investment you have is yourself. In the past putting your money into the bank and letting it earn interest made sense. However as the returns dried up following the savings and loan scandals more people put their money into the stock market. In the late nineties and again recently we’ve seen that this is an unpredictable investment and has lead many to consider land and real-estate as an alternative investment. In the last few years we witnessed a huge boom in remodeling homes, adding on or buying additional properties as people felt this was a safer investment. However we have now seen that even this is an unpredictable investment without guarantees, especially in the Folsom, Roseville, El Dorado Hills and Sacramento California region. As part of this communuity, Chrysalis Cosemtics offers you an alternative that will brighten your future and is perhaps better than keeping your money under the pillow or buying more clothes or toys at the mall.

Now is the time to invest in yourself. Your appearance is something that you will see a return on every day. Your confidence and smile will bring many smiles in return – and who knows what else. Your beauty creates beauty. Never before has it been so exciting to look your best and feel your best. Forget about the housing market or the stock market. Hold off on shopping for more clothes or another gym membership until after you have created your new look! Invest in yourself and see a plastic surgeon today. You are your best investment. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we look forward to assisting you with your individual needs and in creating the new you. Something you can be proud of every day!

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