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Recently an actress underwent 10 or more cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in California. She was in People Magazine discussing the benefits of the procedures and how her image has helped her career. There is no doubt that plastic surgery has helped countless people achieve more in their lives as feeling confidence brings out the best in most people. However there may be a limit as to how much can be changed at one time. Certainly this is an individualized decision based upon the physician’s judgment and the health status of the individual patient. Recently in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons an interesting article was published regarding operative times and infection rates. It revealed a linear correlation – so that the longer someone was being operated on the more likely they were to have an infection of either their wound or pneumonia or bladder. Other studies have also revealed that body temperature can decrease the longer someone is under anesthesia and this too can lead to post operative wound infections. One of the other considerations is the difficulty of recovery following multiple procedures. This being said it maybe less traumatic to recover once than multiple times and it may also be less risky to have anesthesia once rather than multiple times. Certainly there are many other factors to consider as well. Well trained plastic surgeons will help guide you safely through this process. Aesthetic plastic surgery – especially extreme makeovers have become such a common topic in the news and magazines however it may not be for everyone.

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