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One of the most exciting developments in breast augmentation (for pictures ) over the past year has been the advent of gel breast implants. The FDA approval of gel has allowed women to replace the older saline implants that were prone to wrinkling and thinning of the breast tissue inferior and lateral to the nipple to a device that looks and feels much more natural. At Chrysalis Cosmetics Dr Charles Perry specializes in the endoscopic placement of the Gel breast implants. We have found that so many people would prefer to have an incision in their axilla away from the breast. Dr Perry uses a microscope to place the implant which leads to more accurate placement of the implant in his hands. We have developed a method of placement of the gel implant through axilla that gives a beautiful breast. Certainly saline breast augmentation continues to be popular and 95% of patients that have saline breast augmentation are still happy 2 years after the surgery. The incisions for the saline breast augmentation are half as small and deflation of a saline implant is easier to detect. It is important when choosing your breast implant to make a decision that is both well informed and right for you.
In the next year we expect another exciting development in the area of breast aesthetics, the shape gel implant. In Europe the shaped gel implant that leads the market is the same one that is awaiting FDA approval. We anticipate its arrival here perhaps by early next year. This implant will allow plastic surgeons to create a more natural looking breast through the use of a gel breast implant that is both soft and shaped.
We look forward to the future of breast enhancement and breast augmentation and the many new options available to women in the Folsom, Roseville, Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento area. Let us know if we can answer any of your questions regarding breast augmentation, enhancement, breast lifts or implant exchange and revision surgery.

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