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Sacramento California. One of the interesting trends we are witnessing this year is the resurgence of plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released statistics from 2010 taken from its members for the year 2010.  The survey revealed an overall  5 % increase in plastic surgery procedures compared to 2009 – which we found surprising given the state of the economy.   However it seems that people are moving forward with their lives that had been put on hold and feeling more confident about their future.  In regards to breast augmentation an increase of 2% (296,000) was witnessed.  The great majority of women choosing to enhance their breast are choosing to do so with silicone gel implants as well with over 60% of women choosing this implant style for its natural feel despite it being slight more expensive.   One of the recent advances in silicone gel implants for breast augmentation has been the increased use of a placement device – The Keller Funnel.  This has allowed plastic surgeons to place the gel implant more gently and perhaps decrease the risk of bleeding infection or scar tissue in the future.  Prospective studies will be needed to confirm these claims moreover it remains a plastic surgeons choice and methods vary.  Breast enhancement and breast enhancement revision remain popular procedures.   We look forward to another exciting year.


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