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Recently, we have seen an increase in women requesting abdominoplasties. There seems to be an increase in the numbers of people requesting an enhancement of their waist, hip, and breast regions. Some of the newer techniques that Dr. Charles Perry has added to his abdominoplasty include a pubic lift. This combined with selective liposuction and occasionally some SkinTyte or PhotoFacial procedures really have enhanced their results. Some of the other techniques Dr. Charles Perry uses include liposuction and Quill barbed sutures to ensure even tension along the incision to enhance your results! All of these subtle refinements add up to an enhanced result – a flatter tighter stomach and smoother skin. What has made us most excited in regards to the abdominoplasty is the addition of the mons lift. We have been combining this with the tummy to rejuvenate the labia majora and lift the hood of the clitoris as well. It is so exciting to see what can be done with plastic surgery. If you are healthy and interested in abdominoplasty, come see what we at Chrysalis Cosmetics have to offer.

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