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At Chrysalis Cosmetics in Sacramento California we service a wide variety of plastic surgery needs and specialize in cosmetic and aesthetic enhancements. One of our favorite transformations is the mommy makeover. It is so amazing to witness the exciting changes for a woman whom decides to do something restorative and tangible like a mommy makeover for herself after a major weight loss or having children. Recently a young lady from Sacramento decided to reward herself after having children and starting a new relationship. She has always worked out and eaten well, however the exercise and dieting hadn’t given her the look she wanted. She decided to do something to supplement the great habits she already had and proceeded with a mommy makeover consisting of a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation to restore her physic.

Before mommy makeover

tummy before make over with tummy tuck

before tummy tuck adn breast augmentation

Before tummy tuck and breast augmentation

After tummy tuck and breast augmentation

after tummy tuck and breast augmentation

Following brast augmentation and tummy tuck

After mommy makevover

Her recovery was uneventful and she is so happy! She did have to redo her summer wardrobe and has been receiving a bit more attention. She loves the way she feels! We are so proud of her. She looks great and feels great inside and out!